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Fashion Goes Organic: Eco Fashion


June 1, 2015: Unceasing fashion, also called Eco fashion, aims to create a system which can be supported indefinitely. Designers and Brands in Indian market are focusing more on ethical fashion; a shift towards organic fashion.

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The fashion in Indian market is known for its traditional colors and lavish designs. Indian fashion street unveils its tradition with a switch to a classy outfit. The tradition define velvet, heavy brocade, heavy embroidery and heavy borders. But shoppers now switch to more comfortable and breezy clothes due to the global warming and climate fluctuation.


On the call of organic fashion, the name “Bhusattva” ; Ahmadabad based fashion house has initiated the concept of organic fashion in India. Bhusattva attempts to get through fine clothing that comes straight from the years of work with cotton farmers and the eco system in Ahmedabad.

Bhusattva gauged this shift in fashion trend long ago and came up with organic fashion label. Not only it produces organic fabric with natural dyes but the brand also defines latest trends, cuts, designs and silhouettes. Recently Bhusattva has launched its summer wedding collection — ‘Barouque’. The Baroque is characterized by its formal redundancy, complexity of patterns, the eccentricity of decorations, and the textile sumptuousness. Just like the era, this collection spells out extravagance, exuberance, grandeur and art. Intricately designed ensembles and elaborate surface ornamentation on organic and natural dyed fabrics. Among the assortment Baroque inspired outfits, for the first time ever Bhusattva is coming up with lehenga. The splendor of 17th century Europe creatively ornamented onto classic Indian ethnic.
Ecopreneur and oBhusattva_saree-212x320wner of Bhusattva, Jainam Kumarpal Bhai says “We always work on latest fashion keeping in mind the international and national trends. I believe dressing speaks about your personality. So why not do it in an organic manner. Since inception we have come up with various collections always focusing on minimalistic yet classy and elegant fashion apparel. This is an era of smart choices, then why not smart choice in apparels? Our dressing defines our personality and speaks volume about our choices, so why not be a part of responsible luxury.”


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