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Fashion guide for skinny guys !!


July 06, 2015: Skinny men go through hard time to find clothes that will suit them. They can’t pick any or every garment they like and have to first consider the shape of their body. So, all you skinny guys, here are some tips for you that will fit — and flatter — your body.

Avoid vertical stripes
Take off all the vertical stripes from your wardrobe. It makes you look taller and even thinner. Vertical stripes are for short and heavy men who want to look thin and tall. Avoid pinstriped trousers and shirts, a Fashion tips for skinny guys; try wearing horizontal or wide stripes.

White is the choice
White is a promising fashion colour that makes you look fuller. White enhances your physique and makes you look broad. As much as possible, avoid wearing dark colours.

Layer up
Layering is not just for women, but it is the fashion trend that defines both men and women which makes you fuller. Layer of shirt or blazer gives an illusion of better physique. Wear a statement or dress shirt under sweater, blazer, jacket or coat. Bring some glamour and wrap a cravat around your neck; it looks great on thin guys.

Altered pants
Don’t go for fitted pants as they make you look thinner. On the other hand, if you get a comfort-fit pant, it will be too lose on you and you may end up looking like a hangar. Ask your tailor to alter your comfort-fit pants that fit you perfectly. Also, a perfect pant must be fitting around your waist and thighs, but loose at the calf.


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