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Fashion mistakes commonly made


June 7, 2015: We all make some common fashion mistakes, and it is all OK, we’re all allowed to make some. Fashion itself doesn’t have a rigid set of rules, so we’re allowed to learn by trial and error. Here are a few.

choosing-clothes-475x315 Showing too much or too less: Showing too much doesn’t make you sexy, just  like showing too less doesn’t make you a prude. Invest in the right kind of clothes,  depending on your own comfort level and not blindly aping what the world is  doing.

 Doing away with certain trends: Remember, fashion never completely dies out,  even if it goes away for a while, it will make a return sooner or later. Look at some  of the recent trends that are ruling the fashion meter: high waist denims, palazzos,  printed leggings, crop t-shirts etc.

Too much jewelry: Jewelry is not a bad idea at all. In fact the right kind of jewelry can be both trendy and fun, but overdo it and you’ll end up looking tacky.

Watch on your wear: If you’re wearing sheer or lace, you need to be extra careful, just a little bit of lining around your thighs or stomach and your whole look can go bad.

Color abstract: We all love color and this season needs a bit of jazz, but if it’s too bright you may just make people run to find some glares!


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