Establishment of concrete bridge over Karnali river brings hopes of ease in transportation

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Karnali river- Glocal Khabar

Achham, February 6, 2018: A concrete bridge has been constructed at Belkhet over Karnali river to facilitate the ease of transportation on Pushpalal Highway. The development of the bridge, at the border of Achham and Dailekh, is considered to be an achievement as the bridge is expected to subsequently improvise the impending lifestyle and conditions of Karnali.

The bridge with a length of 200 meters is longest among the 80 bridges that are to be constructed in the mid-hills highway of Panchthar and Jhulaghat. The bridge has been constructed at an investment of Rs 225 million.

Having the bridge on the highway connects the region with the country. The locals are delighted with the construction of the concrete bridge. The bridge has increased the confidence of farmers and businesspersons as well.

Meena Nepali of Bayala, Achham stated that “Construction of the bridge has not only made travel easier for the vehicles but also for the locals to cross the river. Before the construction of the bridge, transportation was an arduous task.” Vehicles and goods were transported across the river with the help of a ferry.  Besides ferries and boats, ‘tuin’ was another means of transport used across the Karnali zone for crossing the rivers.

Source: RSS