Hamal, Subba, and Dhital to train youths for public speaking and networking

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Kathmandu, July 17, 2017: Rajesh Hamal, Malvika Subba, and R.K. Dhital are all set to train Kathmandu youths for personality development, public speaking and networking this July 20-22.

The training program titled ‘Jigyasha Leadership’ is being organized by Sano Sansar Initiative, a youth based non-profit organization.

With a rather appealing set of trainers, this event is set to attract quite an audience and definitely have proved they have raised their bars. There is a growing yearning of leadership workshop in the youths of our community and with this event; they are hoping to attain just that.

The participants can expect to recognize and address their blind spots as a leader and develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence through their prepared robust framework. They will be trained to be confident with the personality they have to be an effective leader and adapt leadership style to different scenarios while remaining true to their values and purpose.