Ministry prepares roadmap for second generation reforms

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Ministry prepares roadmap for second generation reforms

Kathmandu, 6 April, 2015 : The Ministry of Land Reforms and Management has prepared the roadmap for the second generation reforms to be adopted in the land administration and management sector.

The roadmap aims to pursue a programme for the restructuring of the service related to land administration, the modernization of the land survey system and geographical information, the implementation of land use plans, reformation of the land evaluation and tax system, the development of land market, protection and use of the government, public and trust-owned land, organizational restructuring and human resources development.

The foundation to modern land administration in the country was laid with the enactment of the Land Survey Act in 2019 BS.

The Ministry states that under the second generation reforms it plans to update the land details by carrying out land survey again to systematize the existing survey, to digitalize the archives on the land particulars, to document the landscape map and statistics through digitized system, to establish the national geographical information infrastructure and to carry ahead the works related to land use area maps and database.

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