NC Vice-president’s Christmas best wishes

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NC Vice-president's Christmas best wishes

Kathmandu, 25th December,2014:  Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel has extended warm wishes to all the Nepali Christians on the occasion of the Christmas today. He wished happiness, peace and progress to all the Christians

NC Vice-president's Christmas best wishes
NC Vice-president’s Christmas best wishes

in the country on this occasion.


Such festival would help promote peace, conciliation and fraternity among the people of Nepal and strengthen national integrity and thereby supporting social, economic and cultural development in the country, leader Poudel states in his Christmas best wishes.


He hoped that this festival would inspire all, including the political parties, to draft a new constitution of a federal democratic republic of Nepal by shortening the political transition and contribute to the building of prosperous and developed new Nepal.


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