‘Prisons in the country unscientific and unsuitable’: NHRC

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'Prisons in the country unscientific and unsuitable': NHRC

Chitwan, Feb 13: The National Human Rights Commission has concluded that the detention centres and prisons in the country are unscientific and unsuitable.

The conclusion was drawn out following inspection of 40 prisons and 62 detention centres across the country, according to NHRC member Sudip Pathak. Currently, there are 74 district prisons and 300 detention centres in the country.

Sharing his observations at a press meet held at Narayangarh this afternoon, NHRC member Pathak said, “The prisons and detention centres in the country were found to be in a very dilapidated and pitiable condition”. Not only from the human rights perspective, but they were found to have not met even the basic requirements.

Referring to the District Prison in Chitwan, Mr Pathak said the prison that has the capacity to hold 170 prisoners is providing shelter to 511 inmates. As a result there is lack of sanitation, toilets and safe and sufficient drinking water.

Furthermore, the prisoners were found living in poor conditions with many even not being handed the arrest warrant before their arrest. “Its violation of human rights to arrest anyone without official papers for the same”, he said.

The NHRC will soon be making public a detail report about the situation of prisons and detention centres in the country.

During the Chitwan visit, NHRC member Mr Pathak also alerted the local police administration in identifying and punishing those involved in the attack against National News Agency or RSS journalist Narayan Adhikari.

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