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‘Federalism Major Hindrance To Constitution Writing’

'Federalism Major Hindrance To Constitution Writing'
'Federalism Major Hindrance To Constitution Writing'

Bhaktapur,24 Feb 2015: Chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha Nepal Chitra Bahadur KC has said that federalism was the major obstacle to constitution writing.

At an interaction programme organized by Rafat Media Club here Tuesday, KC said issues relating to federalism were the most disputed ones in the state restructuring adding that parties’ decision to go for federalism was the major reason behind this.

Accusing the major political forces of adopting federalism in the tunes of foreigners, KC claimed that federalism was not a home-grown agenda.

KC argued that federalism cannot protect nationalism and country’s sovereignty and his party was opposing the idea of federalism due to same.

Saying that the Simara case has signalled failure of federal provinces in Nepal, KC questioned how provinces can be delineated if some offices in the district cannot be shifted.



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