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Financial Stability Is My First Priority: NRB New Governor

Financial Stability Is My First Priority: NRB New Governor
Financial Stability Is My First Priority: NRB New Governor

Kathmandu,22 March 2015: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Governor Dr Chiranjibi Nepal has asserted that fiscal stability with good governance is his first priority and that he would work towards the country’s economic progress holding the nation supreme.

Addressing a function after assuming office at the central bank here today, the new Governor expressed the commitment to do everything possible towards securing the amount of the depositors and winning the confidence of investors.

“I will consistently work towards bringing in foreign investment maintaining coordination with the private sector banks and financial institutions,” he said while expressing the belief that the set goals could be achieved with the support and cooperation of all at the central bank.

Stating that the central bank, the government’s economic advisor, would fully implement the existing Acts and Regulations as well as formulate the required policies for augmenting the country’s economic development, Governor Nepal reiterated that he would sincerely work towards fulfilling the commitments made at the international level.

He also expressed the determination to do everything from his side for strengthening the bank and financial institutions, maintaining fiscal transparency, human resource development and providing leadership to the NRB to make it a strong central bank.

Noting that works like monitoring and supervision were not new to him as he has experience working in a regulatory body, the NRB Governor said he would give equal priority to controlling financial crimes, promoting good governance and winning the confidence of the people.

“It is hard to attract foreign investment in the absence of good governance and the country could not be taken ahead towards the direction of economic prosperity in the absence of adequate investment,” he said.

Outlining his plan of making the financial services accessible to the 40 per cent population deprived of this service, mobilising the savings for raising the living standard of the people living under the absolute poverty and pursuing checking the transactions in the informal sector with the same priority, Governor Nepal said he expected the active cooperation of the employees of the NRB, the government banks and all the banks and financial institutions in the private sector.

Deputy Governors Gopal Prasad Kafley and Maha Prasad Adhikari pledged all possible cooperation from their side to Governor Nepal who they said is leading the NRB at a time when the economic indicators of the country were positive and the financial sector was also in sound health.



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