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Five Schools Modified in Waling


Kathmandu, April 19, 2019: Five community schools inside the Waling Municipality have been modified. Waling is in Syangja district, which has eleven municipalities. The Municipality merged these schools for the betterment of the quality of education soon after school level education (1-12) was determined a local level right.

The Head of the Department of Education, Prakashbandhu Aryal stated that Sharada Primary School, Sapaunde, Waling-2; Ramchedevi Primary School, Waling-3, Kalikadevi Primary School Waling 12; Bhagawati Primary School Waling-13; and Chandrajyoti Primary School, Waling-13 have been modified. Sharada, Ramchedevi and Chandrajyoti had been conducting classes for classes 1-5, whereas Kalikadevi and Bhagawati had 1-3.  According to Aryal, Sharada has been renamed Baanspani Primary School, Ramchedevi has been renamed Majhkot Secondary School, Kalikadevi has been renamed Sirsekot Deurali Primary School, Bhagawati has been renamed Mutubhanjyang Primary School, and Chandrajyoti has been named Lakshmi Secondary School.

Mayor Dilippratap Khan said, “The schools are being modified due to the small number of attending students, geographic remoteness, and similar reasons. The first stage of modification is complete, the modification campaign began in order to give the people assurance of receiving a relevant and quality education.”

Khan confirms that the school modification campaign has been implemented since the start of the new school year. Aryal claims that Waling Municipality, which has been coming forward as a smart city, is the first municipality to run such modification campaigns in the district