Five things management students must know


    After completion of higher secondary education, most of the students entering into the management stream struggle to give their best performance due to small but important reasons. One of the main reasons might be that the student could have been a science student before and many of the contents will be new to them. Here are 5 things that can help management students to perform better.

    Information on subject matter

    The first thing is the multi-disciplinary subject matter includes English, accountancy, mathematics, economics, and business management and computer science. While studying these courses, students have to make sure that they learn them in a definite and structured way. Likewise, the ‘principles of management’ should be studied by thinking oneself as a manager. Accounting formats, GAAP, IFRS and NFRS concepts should be given importance for accounts.

    Going through the management’s basic knowledge 

    We know that when clouds strike, rain is the outcome which is our basic knowledge.

    Students should possess the basic and minimum requirements which are required for the various subjects such as basic grammar rules, management processes, accounting rules, math formulas, MS-word and use of power point.

    Confront the difficulty during learning process

    We normally don’t like to face challenges and it is what prevents us from getting ahead in life. Students who understand the subject matter and also have the basic knowledge may struggle during learning process. It would be better for students to face the obstacles because if you struggle today, you will be stronger tomorrow.

    Seek for solutions

    Confronting the difficulty and not being able to seek solutions thereafter will obstruct anyone from achieving knowledge. Students should simply raise questions on the matter or the topic which you are not clear of. If you don’t get the answer then just don’t stop there, you can ask the same question to associated faculty provided by the college. You should prioritize your work and give importance to it. You need to learn to say ‘no’ to other unimportant and disturbing things.

    Learn in group 

    We all are in some kind of formal and informal group at college. There are many advantages of working in a group. If you don’t understand anything in class, you can always ask your friends for help. Students should associate themselves with various groups where they can learn about new things and share their ideas.

    By Bijay Pandey

    The writer is Research Assistant at Uniglobe College.