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Five year multiple-entry Visas now available for American tourists


Nepal has now begun issuing five-year, multiple entry tourist Visas to American travel enthusiasts.

With this move, Nepal has taken a step forward to further enhance the diplomatic relations between Nepal and the United States of America as the US has been providing five-year multiple entry visas to Nepali travelers for quite some time now.

The United States and the Government of Nepal have been trying to establish visa reciprocity for all types of Visas since October 2017 as visa reciprocity is a standard principle in visa policies worldwide.

This move will increase the number of American travelers and business tourists visiting to Nepal which will have a positive effect on our economy through tourism. Over 90,000 U.S. Citizens visited Nepal during the last year which was an increase of 15 percent over 2017.

Not only will this be enticing American travelers to come to Nepal, but also the students from the United States who are eager to conduct researches or take up courses in Nepal.

This move towards made by Nepal will also be benefitting Nepalese students wanting to study in the United States as they will be saving $200 on each visa due to the removal of visa issuance fees.

Speaking at the handover event, Mr. Mussi said “Longer visa validity and lowered costs are good for both America and Nepal.  It will increase economic activity and exchanges between our countries while enabling opportunities to explore even more connections between our people.”