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Flood-hit refuse to leave school

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BANKE, OCT 16 – A dispute has arisen after around 50 flood victims of Tepari in Holiya-5, who are taking shelter at local Narendra Primary School, declined to leave the school’s land demanding that the local administration should resettle them first.

“We will not move away from the school until our demands are met,” said Raj Kumar Bahun, one of the floods victims living in the school ground in shanties for the past two months.

The victims’ demand, however, has troubled the school administration. Local residents complained that education of their children has been affected by the presence of flood victims in the school area. Headmaster Binod Berma said they were victimised though they let the flood victims use the land on humanitarian grounds.

District Natural Disaster Committee members, meanwhile, said they have started initiatives to manage permanent resettlement for the flood victims.

A technicians’ committee led by Homnath Bhusal, an engineer at the Department of Urban Development & Building Construction, has been formed to find a solution to the problem as per the government procedure to resettle disaster victims.

The panel is assigned to look for public land suitable for the relocation of the victims. The team has been working with the victims to find out a permanent solution. The team is searching for suitable locations near Jhora and Hajrat Community Forests.

The flood victims have also said that the locations would be suitable for them but urged the authorities concerned not to leave the work half-way as it happened last year. The victims earlier demanded that they should be resettled in Ram Janaki and Matehiya Community Forests areas.

Bishnu Sahni, an officer at the District Administrative Office, said they are seeking a permanent solution to the victims’ problem.

“If we find suitable location to resettle the victims, the state will be relieved off the burden of distributing compensation to victims,” he said. “The victims will be resettled after the panel’s proposal is approved by local administration,” he said.

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