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Fluorescent collars for street dogs: Celebration with a purpose


Kathmandu, November 2, 2016: Shreni  Rajbhandary and her team together with ‘Sneha’s Care’ have recently tied fluorescent collar bands to the street dogs in Baluwatar, Chakrapath, Maharajgunj and Basundhara.


The main idea behind tying the bands was to save the dogs from road accidents by making drivers alert since the collar bands make dog distinct. Road accidents are mainly caused by the over speeding of vehicles and lack of street lamps. Since putting garlands that withered in a few days was less significant, they instead initiated tying the dogs with fluorescent bands ultimately saving their lives.

A five day long festival, Tihar has just ended in Nepal. During the second day, dogs are worshipped honoring their loyalty and friendship with humans. With an urge to make the festival purposeful and continue the same in the future as well, the team worked for making the lives of street dogs better. “Here in Nepal, we not only celebrate Deepawali with extravagant spending on crackers or lights that soothes one’s eyes, but we also celebrate it by showing love to the dogs; both pet and the ones on the street,” shares Rajbhandari.


Representatives from Sneha’s Care played a vital role throughout the project. Just a phone call away, a team of six members and two foreign volunteers were available to help in their endeavors.