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Upcoming reality show on TV based on how our police operate to keep us safe

Kathmandu, July 10, 2016: The prompt and brilliant rescue operation conducted by the Nepali security forces during the Gorkha Earthquake 2015 gained much appreciation.

Showcasing their valiant efforts during the quake, Nepal Police also proved that they are for the public indeed.

And highlighting the work and responsibilities of Nepal Police, Search for Common Ground (SFCG) has come up with a reality game show — Pahunch. The TV show directed by Tsering Rhitar Sherpa aims to raise public awareness on security and justice.

“Out of 50 shortlisted contestants, we have chosen eight contestants who represent inclusiveness of people from all regions and groups. They have different interesting backgrounds and we believe they can be role models for the viewers. Through their reactions, dialogues and discussions, we have tried to show the role of Nepal Police, how they conduct their day-to-day operations in the field and how the public benefit by getting security and justice through Nepal Police,” Sherpa explained about the show.

And some officers of the Nepal Police are mentoring these contestants.

The contestants range from different walks of life — make-up artist Sophie Sunuwar, national level basketball player Maya Syangten, youth activist Akhbar Ansari, dairy owner Ajit Kumar Karna, former Maoist combatant/entrepreneur Gyan Bahadur Lama, national level taekwondo player and burn survivor Sita Bhandari, model/aspiring actor Prabina Dahit and former travel show host/media person Shanta Nepali.

“The contestants are assigned tasks on different themes such
as homicide, robbery, human trafficking, traffic, et cetera and they have to perform them,” Sherpa shared about the nature of the show.

Citing an example during the filming, he explained, “The contestants were given the task to perform the role of traffic police. As they did their tasks, they realised how difficult it was for the traffic police to work despite the heat and dust, amidst the dangers lurking on the roads.

It came through their dialogues and discussions. Through such conversations of the contestants, we aim to create empathy and appreciation towards Nepal Police’s work. Without public support, Nepal Police is also not able to work effectively.

There needs to be mutual understanding between the public and police. These are the messages we have portrayed through the show,” Sherpa added.

“There have been many reality-talent shows but this is the first reality-task based game show in Nepal,” shared Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar, Director of Programmes at SFCG, the international non-profit organisation working in Nepal since 2006, that also produced popular TV serials Singh Durbar and Hamro Team.

Talking about the initial challenges, he added, “It was challenging for us as well as Nepal Police during the show’s initiation as it is a new thing for all of us. Once we discussed the format of the show to the authorised body of Nepal Police we did not have any problem formulating the show.”
However, once they started filming, the team had to face several challenges. Sherpa elaborated, “The contestants have to perform tasks putting themselves in the shoes of police officers.

Under the mentorship of police officers they have to search for the clues and evidence to solve a case. Once we were at Kavre for the show where our contestants caught the real people involved in human trafficking and those who were being trafficked.

We were in a dilemma whether to air it or not. On moral basis
we decided to give the information about the incident but not to air the scene.”

This is the first time that Sherpa is directing a reality game show for TV and about his experiences he shared, “You never know what’s going to happen as there is no script in the game show. You don’t have control in the show like in a film. This type of show needs huge logistic management and you have to shoot to get what you want within a short time frame. You don’t have the leisure as in directing film.”

Actress Reecha Sharma is the show host.

The winners will get cash prize Rs 2,00,000 (first), Rs 50,000 (second) and 30,000 (third) respectively. Pahunch will be broadcast from August 17 every week at 8:40 pm on Nepal Television.