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Food Festival organized to Promote Gastronomy Tourism in Nepal


Kathmandu, May 12, 2016: A food festival has been happening in Kathmandu with a mission to promote gastronomy tourism in Nepal and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Lhotse.

The Fest ‘Testing Nepali food from Himal to Terai’ has been organized in Barosa Lounge and Restaurant in Hattisar since 9th May with slogans ‘A campaign for Gastronomy Tourism in Nepal’ and ‘Let’s talk about Nepali Food’.

The programme organized in joint efforts by Suresh Chandra Basnet, Vice President of Chefs Association of Nepal and Mahesh Raj Dhakal, Executive Chef at Shangri-la Hotel will serve visitors with cuisines ‘buckwheat roll’, ‘Chichar’ (a cuisine from Tharu caste in Terai), Soju, Dhido among others.




“This is an attempt to develop and promote Nepali food with the mission of ‘Gastronomy Tourism In Nepal’ and at the same time connecting Himal to Terai through food,” says Basnet, coordinator of the event. “Our tourism lasts till the Mountains and hospitality of our people remain. Through this festival we want to give the message that food is also a part of tourism. Since tourism is one of the major contributors to the national economy, we are doing this as a campaign to bring the industry to shape after being severely affected by the earthquake and trade embargo imposed by India.”

The festival jointly organized by Sneha Travel Media Nepal and Hospitality Foundation Nepal will continue till May 16th and is open for public on 11:00 am -04:00 pm.