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Food System Vision Prize by Rockefeller Foundation 2020


Applications are now open for Food System Vision Prize by Rockefeller Foundation 2020. The Food System Vision Prize is an invitation for organizations across the globe to develop a vision of the regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create the year by 2050.

The Rockefeller Foundation, in a partnership with SecondMuse and OpenIDEO, to amplify the discourse on the state and the future of the world’s many food systems. Also, to empower communities globally to develop actionable solutions and become protagonists in their own food future.

Moreover, creating a compelling and progressive vision for the future for our food system requires a culture of collaboration that rallies, industry, policy, academic, and society to act as one. When we come together, we can deliver a sustainable, nourishing diet for the people and the planet by 2050.

Location: USA


  • The foundation distributes a total of $2 million will be distributed to the Top Visionaries, who will be eligible to receive a prize of $200,000 each.
  • Join a cohort of Visionaries addressing systemic food issues via a virtual Accelerator and in-person convening;
  • Collaborate with a select team of advisors and stakeholders to further refine their Visions and find pathways to actualize them;
  • Participate in an Accelerator during which they will have access to media and storytelling training and a global platform via media exposure, in order to attract partners, connections, and other funder and philanthropic networks;
  • Refine and amplify their Visions further;
  • If in full compliance with the Prize Terms and Conditions, be announced as a Top Visionary and have the opportunity to participate in a recognition ceremony.


  • Open to legally registered and organized entities, including companies, governments, cooperatives, communities, partnerships, NGOs, and universities from around the globe.

Eligible Region: Open for all.

Application Deadline: 31 January 2020

Official Link:https://www.foodsystemvisionprize.org/about