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Force 2 Review: Even A Good Plot And John’s Kickass Action Couldn’t Overshadow This Film’s Bad Execution


Cast : John Abraham,Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Genre : Mystery/Crime film

Duration : 2 hours, 7 minutes

Director : Abhinay Deo

Five years back Force, directed by Nishikant Kamath had the tough cop ACP Yashwardhan avenging the death of his angelic wife. This time Yash is back but he’s become even more fearless because…well…he has nothing to lose.

He is introduced in a nail-biting oops nail-in-his-body fight sequence and then as he coolly tosses the bad guys around,  you are reminded of how tough he is. Wooden planks smashed on his bulging muscles, don’t even make him flinch. He is standing there, stiff and unmoving….just like his expressions through the rest of the movie.


This time Yash is out avenging the murder of his childhood friend, a RAW agent in China. The case takes him to Budapest and he’s accompanied by a female RAW agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha). Even though she’s his boss for this mission, make no mistake. He’s the one who has the last word in every situation and she just about meekly follows his instructions. Not complaining. At least this movie pretends to be liberal in a few scenes.


Yash and KK are out to get Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin), the big bad guy who’s ruining all of RAW agency’s plans.

This is actually quite a nice premise for an adrenalin pumping action flick. However, execution is always the key and in this case, it fails pretty miserably (directed by Abinay Deo). The story largely devoid of logic don’t help the case either.


Yash and KK unexplainably running around when a lot of issues could have been solved by a mere phone call. A few action sequences do manage to make you sit up but then that’s not surely enough. The director’s attempt to make a quirky, fast paced film might have worked if he hadn’t paused to spoon feed the details to the audience again and again.

John looks the part and his bulging muscles (a glimpse of which you get to see when the shirt predictably goes off in one fight scene) look good enough to take on ten goons at a time. But that’s about it. Sonakshi Sinha does a decent job of the half baked role that she’s given. Tahir Raj Bhasin, stands out with his easy performance. Don’t feel guilty if you are tempted to root for him instead of Yash and KK.

Budapest is presented beautifully (cinematography by Imre Juhasz and Mohana Krishna).  Watch it if you are an action film junkie.

By Shubha Saha