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Foreign assistance to be brought under the national system


ram-sharan-mahatKathmandu, Apr 22: Finance Minister Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat has said the state will bring a new foreign assistance policy to minimize the trend that foreign assistance is coming from out of the national system.

Making public the Development Assistance Report of 2012-13 published by the Economic Assistance Coordination Division of the Ministry of Finance here today, he said the assistance will be encouraged to bring it within national budget system.

He said assistance amounting to Rs. 95 billion came in 2012-13 and of it, 36 percent was from outside the system.

The report states that of the overall assistance, 49 percent was in multilateral, 41 percent bilateral and ten percent from China and India.  It does not include INGO assistance. Multinational cooperation was from WB, ADB, and UN groups and in bilateral, the countries were UK, USA, Japan, India and Switzerland.

Sector wise, the assistance is highest in education, health, local development, road infrastructure, and energy. As per the report, in 273 projects, assistance was received 61 percent as grant, and in 35 projects, 18 percent was loan and 21 percent as technical assistance. RSS


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