Foreign Employment Promotion Board to Provide Scholarship to children of Deceased Migrant Workers

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Kathmandu, January 10, 2018: Foreign Employment Promotion Board has decided to present a scholarship to the children of migrant workers who lose their lives abroad or become physically disabled.

The children of these migrant workers will be considered eligible for the scholarship if they are pursuing technical and high school education. The students of nursing, engineering and agriculture will be competing for the scholarship. Each field will have 40 seats and the total allocated seats for the scholarship is 120.

For the scholarship, women, ethnic community, Dalit, Muslim, people with disability, Madhesi and privileged groups will have separate quotas. Women and ethnic communities will have three and two seats respectively. One seat will be allocated each for Dalit, people with disability, privileged group and Muslim.

A minimum Grade C will be mandatory for the scholarship in nursing, mechanical engineering and agriculture whereas minimum Grade D in Secondary Education Examination.