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Four ways to help students decide on a career path


Kathmandu, June 7, 2016: You are at crossroads in life where you have to begin a career path or choose a subject that will help you along that way. But here you are, still struggling to decide on one of your myriad of interests or coming up a blank because you don’t know what you want to do in life just yet. Worry not.

There are four basic steps which can help you make one of the most important decisions in life.


Find someone you respect who is willing to mentor you. It could be a relative you admire, a teacher, or someone whose career path you wish to emulate. It doesn’t have to be a person in the highest position but someone whose career growth and work approaches you admire. Keep in mind that they are busy and may not have time for you always. So it’s important to show appreciation for the time they are investing on you. Their valuable experiences and industry connections will give you necessary guidance.


If you are thinking about banking as a career choice but also like the idea of being a Chartered Accountant (CA), it would be smart to find people in these professions and talk to them about your interests and doubts. They would be the best people to tell you what to expect as a banker or as a CA. But find someone you can trust so that you do not get an inflated sense of the careers and end up being disappointed at a later stage.


Noting down what you’re good at can help you narrow down your choices. Are you good at crunching numbers? Thinking up fantastic recipes? Like caring for people? Enjoy writing? Whatever your skills are, list them down and think about how you can make one work for you. The one you choose to develop and explore should be the one thing that really excites you and motivates you to do better. If you feel you’re equally passionate about cooking and writing, perhaps you should be a food writer or a food critique. Or maybe a chef and publish interesting recipe books.


An internship is a great way to try your hand at different careers without it needing a long time commitment from you. As an intern you will learn the basic needs of the job and also come to know closely how the industry actually works. Take this opportunity to build contacts which could possibly come in handy in future if not now. Sometimes, it takes working closely in that sector to realize that you’re not cut out for that particular job. In the case that you love it and are determined to pursue that career path, you will have your internship opportunity to thank for showing you the way.