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Free Health Camp to Teej Devotees Provided by Rotaract Club of Patan


Kathmandu, September 13, 2018: Rotaract club of Patan in joint collaboration with Nidan Hospital, Pulchwok organized a service-oriented free health checkup camp on the occasion of Teej festival 2018.

It was a continuation of their yearly project Teej Health Camp at Bagalamukhi, Lalitpur which is being conducted yearly for the last 2 years. The camp was organized with the sole aim of providing medical assistance and water to the devotees, who were there to worship Bangalamukhi, Kumbheshwar and were observing the fast on the occasion of Teej. More than 200 people were examined and provided with required medical support. More than 15 emergency cases were handled due to several reasons like low sugar level, low blood pressure, unconsciousness, etc. who were treated by the medical team as per their need.The camp started at 9 am in the morning and was set up for the whole day.  The event went smoothly with the presence of 11 Rotaractors from home club and 5 staffs from Nidan hospital who co-ordinated the event successfully. Wrapping up the Health Camp, President of Rotaract Club of Patan, Rtr. Peshal Bhattarai said- “It’s good to preserve our culture in such an enthusiastic way but in the name of fasting, people having sickness, elderly people and those with the weak appetite shouldn’t be encouraged to do so as it only helps in degrading your health conditions. I began this project 3 years ago as a need-based camp because there were no teams to look after the people who fainted or faced weaknesses due to fast. Year by year I saw that this camp should be an integral part of Teej so with the motive of community service, I began this camp when I served as the community service director back in the year 2016 ”.

The Camp was supported by the medical assistance from Nidan Hospital and Managerial Assistance from RAC Patan. RAC Patan has been conducting such service-related camps frequently and it was one of the continuations to their humanitarian work.