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Friday Discussion on Welfare State


Biratnagar, 22 Feb, 2015: Bikalpa, a social enterprise is up with programme, “Friday Discussion” once again where the enthusiasts of various organizations conduct a research about the given topic a week earlier and present their valuable views.The argument of today evening was about Welfare State, History of the Welfare State, it’s tragedies and so on.

This discussion program has been in a way very fruitful to those youths who want to get more informations about the socio-economic aspects of Nepal and develop their fundamental logical skills. The content would really be helpful to the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to get themselves a step closer towards their dreams .

10 participants expressed their opinions about the topic including creative instances to support their argumentations. Bhawana Sharma, Madan Krishna Pradhan, Bhaskar Bhattarai, Prabhat Kafle, Nishant Luitel, Basisth Nepal, Chandan Sipaliya, Yuresh Adhikari, Saroj Poudel and Suman Rai were the total participants present and thereby presented their critical suggestions regarding the given matter.

By: Bhawana Sharma


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