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Friendships Day


“The world be so lonely in sunny hours or gray, without the gift of friendship, to help us every day.” –  Hilda Brett Farr.

True friendship is a way of expressing your love and care towards the one you really care for. Friendship is a priceless bond. No matter the distance between two friends, there is a bond that connects them eventually, this is friendship. In friendship we usually don’t need any formalities. Friendship has feelings, sentiments and does not see age, sex, positions, caste or religion.

Friendship Day was introduced in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. That day was introduced to promote the cards from his company and that year people celebrate the Friendship Day at August second. After that year, it became so popular and started celebrating every years. On other hand, some people say that the friendship day was firstly introduced by United Nations to promote friendship in between people of all countries. Actually no one knows the real reasons behind the celebrations of friendship.

As for now, United States being in power, friendship day is celebrated on first Sunday of August. As for 2019, it is today, 4th August. All around the world, friendship day is celebrated, since at the end we all need someone who understand us and stand by us in every phases of our life. All human being needs someone who is faithful towards them to share and care about each other.

Having a friends by your side is blessing. I believe that friends are the best gift of God. Someone had said it very true that God cannot be present everywhere and probably that’s the main reason he made friends to be with us for lifeline. Friends don’t expect each other to change, they accept the way we are. A friend is one who is ready to sacrifice their happiness for us. When we are low, friends are usually the one we search for and are the one to cheer our mood. Friends are like family to us whom we can rely on for our happiness. We enjoy spending time with our friends and play around them. Friends make our life complete and memorable. Having good friend around us makes us cheerful and positive.

When there is love in a friendship it can last for lifetime so we have to choose our friends wisely. Especially in old age, friendship and friends are more valued, since at that age you have time when you can have fun conversation, share memories and laugh on silly things with each other.

Having a friend who loves you, care for you and support you in every situation, it’s a bliss.

-Barsha Malla Thakuri