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From my Diary: Reminiscing the unforgettable serenity of Swargadwari


It has already been almost a month since I returned back from Pyuthan. So, I couldn’t wait anymore to pen my experiences from the visit to the serene land.

How could I stop without sharing the mesmerizing beauty of Pyuthan district, and experiences from the month-long trekking, travelling, taking photographs, and visiting various places as part of my college assignment? It was also memorable because I got to remain in peace from the chaos of Kathmandu for whole one month.

Pyuthan is a place famous from religious, cultural as well as tourism point of view, though the geographical and topographical structure can cause some constraints for the visitors.

The place we visited goes by the name Swargadwari, that can be translated into English as ‘a gateway to heaven’, which is situated at an altitude of 7000 feet above the sea level. It is a very important and renowned pilgrimage site for Hindus. It is believed, as ‘Lord Shivaji’ is worshipped in the Pashupatinath temple, Sworgadwari is the most important pilgrimage destination for Hindus, who visit the place in a large number every day to perform various religious rites.

I also came to know that ‘Havan Kunda’ (fire-altar) there has been running sacred fire (agni) perennially since more than 120 years. Furthermore, it is believed that taking ‘Bibhuti’ from Havan Kunda prevents one from diseases along with providing one with a grace.

A beautiful chain of mountains can be seen from the hilltop temple, that can also be reached by horse riding. The most loving scene is during the beginning of spring season when steps up the hill are covered with rhododendron. The stone paved road filled with flowers really made me jealous of the place.

In Pyuthan, there are lots of rivers and scenic waterfalls, that means to a huge possibility of hydropower and irrigation facilities in the region. We also got a chance to visit Jhimruk hydropower station which has an installed capacity of 12 MegaWatts and is in operation since 1994. This is the main hydropower plant of Pyuthan district.

Jhimruk hydropower plant

Similarly, the next mind blowing geographical scene which impressed me, that I have not been able to let go of my mind is from Khalanga, the district headquarters of Pyuthan, though the major administrative offices are located at Bijuwar bazaar. There are lots of temples Bhimsen, Shiwalaya, Ganesh, Jhakristhan etc. Among them, Jhakristhan which is located at southeast of Khalanga bazaar and worshiping it is believed to bring good luck. Similarly, Malla Rani occupies its own significance as having its natural beauty made by forest arena with narrow forward street. Frankly speaking, Malla Rani is the best route for trekking, and I really enjoyed traversing through it.

Whoever we are, whatever we do and think in our life are set for future memory that will recur in our minds often. I would like to suggest all of you to explore Nepal, its beauty, people, and places via travelling, trekking, and talking. Nowadays, it has become my hobby and I believe that memories are immortal.

My journey has already begun! What about yours? 🙂

Wheat field around Pyuthan
The writer (fourth from right), with her friends

By Kusum KC

The writer is an undergraduate student of Public Health at National Open College.

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