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Fuel shortage halts construction of Mid-Hill Pushpa Lal Highway

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Baglung, December 09, 2015: Construction of Mid-Hill Pushpa Lal Highway has come to a halt for the past four months due to various reasons.

Moreover, the shortage of fuel, following India’s border blockade has made matters worse.

“The construction has come to an end in lack of fuel to run necessary equipments,” said Rohit Bisural, division chief of the Rasuwa-Nuwakot section of the highway.

He demanded that the government should provide fuel so as to continue with the project.

Engineer Karna Singh Kathayat said that a total of around 20 percent construction works remains to complete.

“The workers, who had gone their homes to celebrate festivals, are yet to return. If the situation continues for long, the project cannot be completed on time,” he said.

He, however, said blamed the contractor for the delay. “Although the project to construct 13 kilometers road section was contracted two and a half years ago, the works are yet to start. Now, the constructor is blaming on fuel crisis for the delay,” he said.

Various construction works like blacktopping and construction of bridges at various places in the highway have been halted as a result.

For instance, seven bridges out of the total 14 bridges at various places in the highway are yet to be constructed.

Meanwhile, the construction of Kaligandaki Corridor has also been affected due to fuel shortage.



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