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Fulpati Brought From Gorkha Into Dashainghar At Hanuman Dhoka


sep_03_fulpati_IKathmandu, Oct 1: Fulpati is the seventh day of Bada Dashain festival of Hindu. According to the tradition, Fulpati is taken into the house and throughout country.

There is a tradition that the Fulpati brought from Gorkha district is taken into Dashainghar at Hanuman Dhoka. The Fulpati from Gorkha is brought to Jeevanpur of Dhading district by six persons of Magar community including priest of Dashainghar and the same Fulpati is brought to the capital from Jeevanpur by six Brahmins from Kathmandu.

Fulpati, an assortment of flowers, leaves and fruits of different plants are considered auspicious and is anointed at the Dashainghar on the seventh day Bada Dashain festival.

The Fulpati is brought to Kathmandu as per the Vedic rites and rituals to be anointed at the Dashainghar at the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar.

The Gurujyuko Platoon, the Nepal army, Nepal police, and high ranking officials of Armed Police and civil service, the Asha Gurja team, band music, and panchebaja bands and decorated kalsyoulis, and a procession along with cultural pageantry leave Hanuman Dhoka for Jamal with the Fulpati.

Though Dashain festival begins from Ghatasthapana, the festival sees special fervor from the day of Fulpati.

All government as well as private offices close from today encouraging people to go back to their ancestral homes and take blessings from Durga Bhawani as well as their elders.


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