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Fund Of Rs 700,000 Was Provided To Quake Survivor

Minister for Information and Communication Dr Minendra Rijal hands over a relief fund worth Five Lakhs on behalf of Hotel Pilgrim Pvt. Ltd. to a member of Nubri Manaslu Mountain Area Development, Gorkha, Chewang Galje Lama during a function held on Tuesday at the Ministry. Photo: Kumar Shrestha, RSS

Kathmandu, June 9,2015: To the earthquake survivors at a high-mountainous settlement in Gorkha district a person has provided Rs 700,000 for buying corrugated zinc sheet. The financial assistance provided would be used for the reconstruction of the school in the lower belt of the district name Dullav Higher Secondary School.

The fund of Rs 500,000 for the distribution of zinc sheets and Rs 200,000 for reconstruction of the quake-damaged school was provided by the founder of Hotel Pilgrims Pvt Ltd, Shankar Bhatta.

Chief of Nubri Manaslu Himalayan Area Development Organisation, Chhewang Gyaljen Lama  as provided a cheque equivalent to Rs 500,000 and another cheque equivalent to Rs 200,000 to ex-student of the school, Rajendra Bajgain, through the Minister for Information and Communications, Dr Minendra Rijal.


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