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G20 Youth Summit Albania


The G-20 Youth Summit Albania 2018, is an international youth forum where students and young professionals from all around the world gathers together in order to discuss the most intensive topics regarding world politics , economy , inclusive growth and interrelated themes, and they simulate global leaders, finance ministers , foreign ministers and central bank governors of 20 member countries of G-20 Summit.

The theme of the first edition is: Building a Sustainable Economy and Inclusive Growth.

So, Balkans Youth Council, for the first time in Balkans is hosting this youth summit between 18-21 April 2018 at Fafa Resort, Mali i Robit, in Albania , where around 100 students and young professionals will discuss, debate , work in team, practicing public speaking , team work and writing skills for 4 amazing days in Albania. .

This format delivers a high level strategy of public diplomacy of many countries in the world, especially in Albania and gives opportunity to different countries to have cultural exchanges between their youth policies, which means fostering collaboration and development between different countries.

For more information stay tuned via www.bycouncil.org and our social media channels . Also, for any question you may have, you can contact us via : info-g20ys@bycouncil.org


Deadline: Ongoing