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Game of Men begins for a Noble Cause


Put down the razor, let everything grow natural.

Kathmandu, November 2, 2016: We have seen a lot of challenges this past few years in YouTube and other online social media. From the overused Truth-and-Dare challenge to the recent Ice Bucket Challenges, the millennia of 2000’s is certain to be filled with weird while at the same time somewhat inspiring challenges. This November, the game of men begins with, with the most awaited “No-Shave November” challenge.

What represents the masculinity of a man? The most obvious answer would be his facial hair. November is taking the masculinity to new heights, to let the proud beard and moustache grow. Among the social sites like Facebook, and Twitter the promotion of this global (yes, global!) event is spreading to all the masses. However, how is such a crazy event inspirational is a question many don’t know the answers to.

This global challenge has begun since yesterday, starting from the headquarter of the organization “No-Shave November” at Emeryville, California. This web-based, non-government organization is devoted to growing cancer awareness and starting many small-scale charity donations regarding cancer-awareness. To embrace the hair that grows on your body, that cancer patients lose and let it grow wild and free, meanwhile donating the money you would use for shaving to raise awareness regarding cancer awareness, its prevention and support those fighting the battle.

With emergence of recent Daari Gang in Nepal, people are growing much conscious about their facial hair. We see a lot of people accepting the challenge without knowing the truth behind it. So, the game has begun, drop those razors, let it grow (Satirical reference to Frozen, ‘Let it Go’) and donate the money for a good cause. A 30-day annual endeavor, to let the manliness rip out!

By Atul Bhattarai