Gas Dealers Warn Of Resorting To Agitation

    Gas Dealers Warn Of Resorting To Agitation
    Gas Dealers Warn Of Resorting To Agitation

    Kathmandu, Dec 26 : At a time when consumers are facing acute but dubious shortage of cooking gas, the Gas Dealers’ Federation Nepal on Friday stressed on the urgency of facilitating the gas supply.

    The Federation, at a press conference, on Friday, accused the government of turning deaf ear to the deepening paucity of daily commodities.

    The shortage of cooking gas during the winter, when its demand peaks, is due to less import from India in the backdrop of various reasons, said Federation’s Chair, Kishor Kumar KC.

    KC added that commoners were forced to face hassles for lack of cooking gas and accused the gas company of taking advantage of the situation by selling new cylinders filled with gas and opening artificial depots.

    The Federation warned of resorting to harsh agitation if the government does not take measures to remove the artificial depots.

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