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Gender Focal Point training held in Biratnagar


Biratnagar, November 15, 2016: UNESCO in partnership with the Department of Education recently organized a capacity building workshop for Gender Focal Points from 25 district education offices in Biratnagar.

The training was aimed at empowering Gender Focal Points from all 75 district education offices in supporting and empowering girls’ education inside and outside the school.

During the opening session, Raghav Pratap Thakur from UNESCO highlighted the core objectives and overall agenda of the workshop. He further reflected the importance of coordination between Gender Focal Points at district education offices and those in schools. Similarly, Devendra Raj Khanal, District Education Officer, Morang, stressed the importance of being gender friendly in schools and at homes too.

The programme shared good practices and lessons learnt in different districts. The training session saw engaging discussions on adapting it contextually.

The presentations and interactions initiated with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” and meeting its targets in Nepalese context.

Other themes included adolescent girls’ education in Nepal, Gender for teachers -Disaster risk reduction perspective, consolidated equity strategy 2014 and Suggestion Box procedures.

Similarly, a gallery work was presented by the participants after the group works on the theme “Breaking the challenge of educating girls at school, family and community”.

The participants unanimously suggested to include school visits during such programs to learn and adapt good practices in a more pragmatic manner.

Earlier, two trainings were held in Chitwan and Pokhara in August 2016.

Courtesy: UNESCO Office in Kathmandu