Generate your own meme via “Instameme”


    Kathmandu, June 22, 2015 : Fawesome Apps presents the app InstaMeme: Instant Meme Generator which offers an easy way to generate your own meme instantly to the android phone users, allowing users to work with over 1000 templates or their own pictures to create their own unique dialogues or phrases in it.




    As we know, users try to communicate their thoughts and various “catchy” phrases through these picture oriented jokes which we call “Meme”. Now to make such meme, people used take references from movies/series, an instant expression from a person and use various picture editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp etc. Imagine how much time does that take. This app provides the user to play with the pictures, font colors, font sizes and phrases in a single interface and making a meme, less time consuming. Thanks to the Search Option, users can find a specific meme they are looking for without scrolling endlessly. One of the main feature of Instameme is that it provides user to share their custom meme in any social media with just a single tap.
    InstaMeme app is now available worldwide for free installation on Android Play Store. In addition to the app, its web and iOS app are still under construction.

    Please visit for more InstaMeme information, including videos and screenshots of the app.

    The InstaMeme app is the first app developed by Fawesome Apps, a mobile development division at
    YellowNepal. For any queries you can email at or visit fb page and twitter of Fawesome apps.

    Instameme: Instant Meme Generator is available in Google play store.





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