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Get that 70’s trend in your style


13 August, 2015: Try the 70’s trend to jazz up your style. Add up a glance to your fashion trends. The present trend is the return of the grunge. The 70’s look takes back a long leap to have a comeback that needs to incorporate your wardrobe. Here’s what we found…

1. The flares Jeans: 

This is one thing you should buy this season, it’s a pair of flares. Tuck in your retro tee or vintage blouse and add a sweet scarf to finish off the look.


2. Lace up sandals:

A real statement shoe, these sandals look tremendous with dresses or floral culottes.


3. Retro sunglasses:

Whether optical or sunglasses, the rule here is: the rounder, the better. Go oversized for a full on look, or rock with the Rayban.


4. Suede Jacket:

Suede is a true ’70s staple and the easiest way to mix it in to your wardrobe is with a jacket and create an enormous style.


5. Printed dress

Prints are like the unspoken fashion must for anywhere with sunshine. We need to get realistic with our choices and think how will we incorporate the piece in our wardrobe. you can rock a mini or a maxi.



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