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Getting To An Entrepreneurial Talk at “Last Thursday”


Biratnagar, March 26, 2015:  Bikalpa, an alternative has organized “Last Thursday” programme which aims to inspire and encourage the passive youths to bring on the ground of entrepreneurship at Hotel Namaskar, Biratnagar. The programme started from 4:00 p.m. and concluded at around 6:00 p.m.

The guest speaker for this week session was Mr. Bheshraj Pokhrel, the Managing Director of Merryland College, the founder of Medhavi College, Kids Village Montessori and also the owner of Poshak, the leading school uniform emporium. The audience in the programme were attentive and eager to listen challenging yet inspiring life story Mr. Pokharel  who shared how his hardwork and honest dedication has paid him off very well. As Mr. Pokharel serves every listeners with a very diplomatic answers, the interaction was very interesting and the youths got a lot to learn this evening.More than business related matters the talk actually incorporated educational issues being himself as a teacher.The sorts of ups and downs in his life inspires youths not to boast in success and try to give up the discouragement during failures.

Furthermore, he mentioned,”failure is not a loss, it is just a mindset”.There was a change in the programme today, as a teacher, rather than a businessman entered the programme as a guest speaker.Though not a businessman, it was the ever fantastic talk session that had ever happened in the “Last Thursday” till now.

By: Bhawana Sharma


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