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Girls hear the life experiences of a development professional, learn role of good etiquette in personal and professional life (EmpowHER Diaries)

The 10th session of EmpowHER took place on the rainy Saturday of July 1 at the Ujyalo Foundation premises.

Mr. Bhawesh Khanal was our first speaker of the day and truly it was a kind of session that none of us had anticipated before. The session helped us realize the importance of keeping both our physical body and mind fit.  Bhawesh sir had emphasized the importance of meditation especially for young people who have a lot of energy. He believed that young people have to learn to channelize their energy in the right way. There were many questions asked by the change makers by which Bhawesh sir answered them all through simple but yet practical answers. We were all left in awe by his presence.

Bhawesh Khanal

The second speaker was Sharu Joshi Shrestha. It was such an honor to have her at the Ujyalo office and getting to know her life experiences and how she has worked so hard for the gender and development issues of our country. She asked us to never give up on what we believed in. Her words and story were all very genuine & heartwarming that everyone was making a very good time getting to know more about her. Before she left, we were all swarming to take a picture with Miss Sharu and she wished us luck for our impact projects.

Sharu Joshi Shrestha

The session continued with our two guest speakers. Our third speaker for the day was Haushala Thapa Zimba, who is a founder of Children and Youth First. She was a person who created a positive aura in the class. She spoke about good etiquette and why it is important. We learned that an etiquette was a two-way traffic and it goes hand in hand with conflict management. We realized that etiquette also includes terms like kindness, keeping others at ease, courteous and good manners come from heart and soul.

Narayani Gaha, the last speaker for the day emphasized more on etiquette and how to follow it. We learned about its implication and practicality in our day to day life, and how etiquette can be sub divided and understood. The session gave clear perspective about the pros and cons of etiquette in both personal and professional life.

Along with these activities, we again got an opportunity to practice our speech and get feedbacks from the entire cohort. This way, our Saturday concluded in a fun-filled way, with a lot of learning.

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By Angela Shrestha and Nancy Agrawal