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Girls learn leadership skills in the second week of EmpowHER


Kathmandu, May 16, 2017: EmpowHER, an idea incubation and leadership program for young women in its second week tried to shed light upon Leadership, Resources and Opportunity. The session held on last Saturday started with an engaging discussion on the importance of casting vote and its impacts, and saw numerous other activities.

First, the 18-participating girls were divided into four table groups and each group was given a task of drawing portrait of a leader displaying the demography, social status, decision-making and physical and emotional appearance of the leader. When the given time was over, there were four different portraits in the room followed by four different interpretations. It was then challenged by the facilitator, Amuda Mishra, Founder and Executive director of Ujyalo Foundation, which encouraged the participants to come out of their boundaries and question their thinking which is somehow conditioned by the stereotypes of the society.

Later in the inclusive annotation on leadership, the various myths about it, its pillars, key elements and traits of a leader were conversed and the participants were also illustrated about emotional intelligence. The effects of position and access to resources in an organisational level was contemplated and demonstrated with the help of various examples and activities. While there are boundless discussions on leadership all the time, one of the highlights of the session was the deliberation on followership and followers which clearly intrigued the participants and left them curious.

Dr. Grishma Shrestha, a change maker and winner of EmpowHER 2015 further added charm to the session by sharing her experiences about the ups and downs, highs and hurdles that the participants are most likely to face as a part of the cohort. She emboldened the girls to trust in themselves and reassured by saying, “We are stronger than we think.”

The late afternoon of the session was enticed by the presence and guidance of Rita Thapa, founder and leader of Tewa (1995-2001), the innovative Nepal Women Fund and Nagarik Awaz. With over 35 years of experience as a leader, community activist and a feminist she discussed about the key factors that makes/breaks and builds a leader. Reflecting back on her own life experiences, she shared her insights on issues like ownership, frugal efficiency, importance of being fearless, consistent and that of decision-making. The floor was kept open for the participants to ask any question or queries they had directly to the guest speaker which made the session even more worthwhile for the aspiring Change makers.

The day came to an end with a reflection on the entire day and not to miss, an overwhelming ambiance that clearly made the participants reflect upon themselves as well.

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By Anjana Jarga Magar, Ichhya KC and Keshu Khadka

Over the course of four months, the EmpowHER cohorts will go through various activities related to leadership development, and get involved with the community. Glocal Khabar, as the official online media partner, will bring out regular updates about the programme throughout the project duration.