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GITC 2018: A global platform for the teenage superheroes


I had two reasons to participate in Glocal International Teen Conference (GITC) 2018. One, I’ve never been a part of an international conference before and the other was I have never visited any country before. So, it is understandable that Nepal was my first international trip and the conference was my very first international platform where I got the chance to represent my country! But who knew, I will be leaving this country with so many memories?

Before this conference happened, I had two or three foreign friends with whom I barely talked, so I really didn’t have many ideas about how people of my age from the other part of the world think, act and deal with situations. I was always eager to know the similarities and differences between the behaviour and culture of my country and others’. The bookish knowledge was never enough to meet my standard of interest, so a practical experience was what I looked for! And guess what, Glocal International Teen conference met every criterion of the level of my interest.

It is really hard to mention all the things, activities I did there with the very new family I made. Family? Yes, I would call those people my family, it did not take more than a minute to get done with the introduction part and start communicating with each other like a long-lost brother! We had a conversation, we sang, we danced, we laughed. I never felt that the guy beside me is from a different country or it has just been a minute since we met.

The Cultural night made things a lot easier for us to know each other. I talked with almost every individual with curiosity in my eyes. The curiosity that I was hiding for a long time just because of the lack of opportunity. And each and every delegate from all over the world welcomed and greeted me with such a soft tone, that I got really confused that whether he or she is really unknown to me or not! From Sachin’s opening song to Rodain’s poem, from Pruthvi’s dance tutorial to Sankalp’s inspirational story, from Prashansha’s winning moment to that “Karaoke Night” which ultimately turned into a ‘Mafia’ night and ended up with that amazing late night conversation in the lobby with all the international delegates till 5 AM! There was a learning scope for me in every single sectors.

From that cultural night to the panel discussion, award giving ceremony, gala dinner and the city tour. Each and every sector crossed its level of hospitality, warmness and gratitude. The organizer taught me that it is really possible to pull off a big event by ensuring the utmost hospitality. Hats off to Asish, Anusha, Alina, Ajay and the whole team!

And yes, the volunteers! I have never seen such dedicated and hardworking people who put all the efforts to ensure that our journey to this prestigious conference turns out to be a memorable one. From the airport pickup to the gala dinner, it was a really great time to have them beside us as a helping hand! Especially Subean, Prizma and Nivita, massive respect to that team too!

Shout out to my friend Aateeya Saabeen who made me apply to GITC 2018. Without her, I wouldn’t have applied and probably would’ve missed being a part of such an amazing experience. I express my sincere gratitude towards her for the amount of dedication and patience she showed.

In the end, I would forever remember my first international trip with the Glocal team! Thank you GITC, thank you Nepal! You have been wonderful! Went there as an individual, came back here as a part of a team!

By: Saqlain Morshed