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Global Health Debates Nepal Team Sweeps Through


27 July, 2015: “Global Health Debate Nepal” beats “Indonesia Debate Nepal” in the Weekly Debate Friendlies (WDF) 6th series hosted by Phoenix Debate Club of Phoenix College of Management. The event was organized by Debate Network Nepal (DNN) with an aim to promote the culture of debating in country’s academic sector. Having realized the essence of logical argumentations, DNN works vigorously to uplift the debating trends in Nepal alongwith gives youths a great opportunity to build them as debators.

Highlighting  one of the most burning agendas of today’s time in Nepal about whether Nepal should be made a secular state or not, the motion for today’s debate was “This House believes that countries have a right to recognize and promote a single religion.” The team members from Global Health Debates Nepal aced today arguing against the motion. Nepal is in the process of promulgating the constitution and this question of a  state religion has come up. Emphasizing this particular issue, the debators presented their logics taking the stand of the motion and going against it in the WSDC format. Both teams however came up with very moving evidences and instances and  hence justified their opinions at their best.

It’s not a new thing that DNN comes up with the national and international issues for the discussions and assist helping youths to broaden their minds for the further creative ideas. WDF being a part of DNN organizes debates in various colleges each Sunday.


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