Global Women’s Rights Movement, She decides 2019 Concluded in Kathmandu.


    Kathmandu, March 3, 2019: Global Women rights movement, “She Decides” 2019 concluded in Kathmandu with a substantial commitment made by the participants to prior the movement in their home countries.

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Population Updendra Yadav expressed their commitment to promoting sexual and reproductive health and family planning awareness to all women.

    The event attracted around 200 participants representing government, civil society, the development community and youth organizations from the Asia-Pacific region, alongside global leaders of the movement.

    The event included a discussion session where the participants discussed how they stand up and speak up for the rights of women and girls to decide about their body, explore plans to change the laws and rules that stand in the way of women’s autonomy.

    “She Decides” movement was established two years ago. Within 2 years of time period, a lot of things have happened to change. The programs strategies are working smoothly which is able to reach 180 countries and within  120,000 individual.