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Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 Concluded


Bangladesh, November 23, 2015: Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015, Bangladesh ended yesterday with a vibrant cultural show and award giving ceremony, at Krishibid Institute in Dhaka. The summit was a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week and was held from 20 November 2015 to 22 November 2015 in Dhaka.

Mr. Hasanul Haque Inu MP, Honorable Minister of Information Ministry inaugurated the summit on 20th November morning with delegates from Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, South Korea, Srilanka and Bhutan. The Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 was the world’s biggest platform for entrepreneurs this year.

The main focus of this year’s Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit, Bangladesh 2015 was ‘Development of Entrepreneurs’. Youths from all over the world gathered at the summit to gain a new standpoint and active approach towards entrepreneurship.

The aim of GYES was to provide a platform to the youth entrepreneurs, so that they can show the world their ideas, struggles and achievements and be supported morally, financially, etc. About four hundred youth entrepreneurs from age 18 to 35 joined the summit.

The summit started with a ‘global peace rally’ and a special tribute program to late Dr APJ Abul Kalam; followed by the national anthem of Bangladesh and a short cultural program showing the culture and history of its host country, through dance performance and drama.

12243453_887022411393283_7111220152296015359_nAmio Prapon Chakraborty opened the first panel discussion with his short inspiring story about DYDF and his entrepreneur initiative. Minister of Information spoke his very inspiring words in both Bangla and English to ensure easier understanding of both national and international delegates. He said “I was once a freedom fighter, I have one more fight— the last and the best one, which is the fight against corruption, colonialism and terrorism”. He also said that we all are in war, war against climate change, war against gender discrimination, war against poverty; we have to know how to fight this was practically, and for that we need new ideas, entrepreneurships. He concluded his speech with the advice to make our own way than following someone else’s footsteps.

Other special guests were Chairman of Daffodil Int’l University Mr. Sabur Khan, President of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. Hossaim Khaled President of DYDF and Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Khabar also spoke to inspire the delegates who are the emerging successful entrepreneurs.

IMG_2098After the first panel, delegates were given the floor to share their opinions on entrepreneurship and this summit in few words. Tahmina Raofi from Afghanistan talked about why entrepreneurship is so important to her because it is the only way to promote the socio-economic condition of Afghanistan. Phillip, who had travelled all the way from Kenya was overwhelmed with joy to be able to attend this summit, and also his first visit to Asia. He said: ‘Without entrepreneurship, a country will not move forward’. Interesting panel discussions were carried out through the day on different topics like entrepreneurship in ICT, entrepreneurship in agriculture etc. The second day rewarded the delegates with a visit to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s house and industrial tours. Various group works were held each day to further enhance the skills of the novice entrepreneurs.

IMG_1999On the last day specifically to help the delegates connect to the right people, which was titled ‘Open Group Discussion & Networking’. Delegates with top ten innovative ideas and projects were rewarded by DYDF on the Entrepreneurship Night. A common claim that recurred at the summit discussions was that South Asia has potentials but there is a lack of planning. Only planned entrepreneurship can bring about environmental, social and economic revolutions; which will contribute to global benefits. One important catchphrase at the summit was “Think global, act local” which instructed youths to start locally to bring global change.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh and Daffodil University were the top partners; media partners were Radio Dhol and Glocal Khabar. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce Industries, Communication Point and Checkmate were also partners in this summit. It was sponsored by Bangladesh Venture Capital and Thermax Group.

This summit was unique to this coastal region, because for the first time such a summit was held here. It was not only a platform for the collaboration of youth entrepreneurs, but also a light of hope to many, who had it all-the dreams, ideas and determination-but just don’t get a chance to make their dreams into a reality. The summit promoted leadership and encouraged youth entrepreneurs worldwide to take the next step towards realizing their dream. Hopes are high that this will encourage youth to be change makers, and also will lead to positive socio-economic development.

By: Sumayea Binte Shaiful,

Reporter, Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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