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Glocal After School launches Online Courses for Skill Development


March 30, 2020: GlocalAfter School, is an entity of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. developed with the concept to develop what the market demands and creating exceptional and well skilled human resources through skills development programs bridging the gap between industries and academia. It provides training and skill development courses that are not taught in academic classes. Alongside, training and development programs are provided to corporates finding skill gap in companies. For individuals and professionals, various training, seminars, conferences, workshops are also conducted.

As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has reached a decisive point and has pandemic potential. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt precautionary measures to avoid the Covid-19 outbreak in Nepal. For this, the Government of Nepal has announced Lockdown for several days. There may be lots of ways to spend the days at home but learning with the use of technology can be the better option.

Therefore, GlocalAfter School has launched online courses for the interested ones to utilize their lockdown days to learn SKILLS and develop themselves and get ready for after crisis days. The registration for the course titled- “Capsule for Covid-19” has been announced. It is a special session on Retention and Recovery Formula for Business Community where the participants will learn about the core specifics of crisis management from a contemporary corporate perspective, also the strategies for crisis planning, prevention, response, and recovery, also learn the Preparedness for future Crisis lessons. This session is being delivered live by Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, Ex-CEO of Nepal Tourism Board.

Along with this, there are several other courses coming up for making the use of Quarantine in many skillful and productive ways. One of them is Entrepreneurship 101, which will be facilitated by Mr. NirajKhanal, CEO/Co-founder of Antarprerana, a company that is supporting entrepreneurs of Nepal through investment and mentorship. In this course, the participants will learn about Primary Customer Research, Market Analysis, Selection of Business Ideas, Development of Business Ideas, Estimation of Total Addressable Market Size, SWOT Analysis, Marketing, and Promotion Plans in Business, Business Idea and also acquire the skills and knowledge needed to start and improve your business.

Therefore, utilize your free time gaining skills in this lockdown. Register to the online courses and get skilled while engaging.

For more information: https://glocalafterschool.com/