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Glocal Khabar Presents Youth Dialogue:Top 6 Finalist


The seventh episode of “Glocal Khabar Presents Youth Dialogue” has brought the exceptional teenagers, who are the finalist of Glocal Teen Hero 2019.This episode introduced five finalists live on Glocal Khabar. The outstanding teens invited on our dialogue were: Bikram Parajuli (Tech Educator), Lov Panthi (Innovator), Samir Phuyal (Entrepreneur), Supriya Maharjan Sapkota (Social Activist) and Rachin Kalakheti (Technopreneur).

  1. Please introduce yourself first. Give an adjective to yourself.

Mr. Rachin Kalakheti, aged 17 introduced himself first. He said he is from Hetauda and is pursuing high school degree in science in Hetauda itself. He added curious would be the advejctive to define himself because he is technology enthusiast.

Samir Phuyal, aged 16 originally from Morang is also a science student studying in grade 12. He also used the word “Curious” to define himself.

An 18 year old Supriya Maharjan Sapkota is from Kathmandu and recently completed her high school degree. She describes herself as ‘Versatile Supriya’ because she believes she has that capability of showing her versatility on any work she does.

A young talent, Lov Panthi aged 14 is from Rupandehi district, Butwal. He is a science student. He defines himself as a researcher because he does research about many things which is his keen interest.

Bikram Parajuli, aged 18 from beautiful city Pokhara is a high school graduate. He is also preparing for engineering entrance. He defined himself as an enthusiast as whatever work he does, he does with great enthusiasm.

  1. Introduce about your initiation. 

Mr. Bikram Parajuli started his journey as an educator by teaching in Bal Mandir Secondary School of Pokhara where he taught Arduino, Robotics and IOT as part of a project- Robocamp 2018. He and his team conduct many programs on STEAM education and digital literacy because he believed the system of education needs modification as the technology development.

Bikram has also been actively working with American corner from where he teaches young teenagers Robotics. Likewise, he works as a Maker mentor in Karkhana, an educational company which teaches young students STEAM with hands-on learning approach. Through Karkhana, Bikram has been able to reach community and private schools around Kathmandu where he teaches enthusiastic students about Robotics, 3D animation, game design and paper engineering.

A research minded teen Lov Panthi said he was always interested in robotics project. He and his brother made a robot named Lov-Kush Mars, inspired by Mars robot. They have also aimed to register their robot to be the robot which can understand Nepali Language and reply. They made an automated humanoid robot called ‘Go Go’ which can shake hands and perform tasks like switching lights on or off, lifting small objects, identifying human and even uploading pictures on social sites.

Ms. Supriya called herself a child advocate. Her journey started first by giving mentorship session to SEE Graduate. She has been organizing various events to educate the school students. Since December 2019, she has been working in an awareness campaign called ‘Project Hope‘which advocates for child rights and dropout rate of marginalized children. She went to various districts like Kavre, Dolalghat, Kaski etc. to conduct awareness programme. On the course of working, she realized that she has been working surfacely, but we need to understand the root cause of any problem in order to mitigate the problem. So she was dedicated to conduct awareness campaign for preventing school dropouts. In addition to this, she went to rural areas and gave session on how important education is. Likewise, she said also gave trainings on WASH, CSRH, Literacy etc. She realized even a way of teaching hand washing can be a good training because people in rural areas are ignorant. So, awareness is necessary.

Samir Phuyal is an emerging entrepreneur and web developer from Morang who is helping people via technology. He shared he is a web developer, and has been teaching students regarding web development and he made online coarses through which many students are being facilitated. He successfully created an advertising platform called ‘Naya Kinmel’, a platform which digitalizes advertisements and connects buyers and sellers making their shopping experience easier. “Through this online market space, local people can post advertisements of their items they want to sell and reach the buyers quickly,” he said. He is also running ‘HamroTech’ YouTube channel which teaches web development and programming in Nepali Language.

Rachin Kalakheti said he is a tech enthusiast working on different tech projects relating to health and education related sectors. He is making a complete human body diagnostic system. He said he was always concerned about the education and health scenario of Nepal. So, he started to wonder how he could help education and health sector of Nepal grow with the help of technology. After some tinkering, he started some projects. Currently, he is working on a device that detects diseases like skin cancer and brain stroke for diagnosis. Furthermore, he is also trying to build an interactive simulator (E-app) which connects real life with AI for education purposes. He aims to relate technology for development in health and education sector.

  1. How do your initiation bring effect on society? 

Mr. Rachin believes Health Sector is a primitive sector. And the facilities in health sector is really poor in rural areas. So, he believed if he can make software, then that can help a lot for common general people. He added, the platform he is receiving through Glocal can help him connect with lots of people which is effective for his work. Moreover, he said he  has been able to inspire many teens and youth through his work.

Mr. Samir, said through his “Naya Kinmel” platform, many local shops, and retail shops can promote their business. Likewise the online coarses can be used by the students which is really very helpful. Not to miss, he also said he has been able to inspire his friends and a programming enthusiast and the most important thing is knowledge sharing which adds the beauty to his project.

Ms. Supriya advocated education is important. She said through the awareness campaign, she can help the children and lead them towards good way. Likewise, she awared people for change, to mitigate the problem step by step. Small changes leads to huge achievement. She said it’s not possible to abolish problems at instant, but can be mitigated through step by step reduction.

Lov Panthi explained his creation of robot may not facilitate the society directly. But the best thing is it has been inspiring many robot makers in the country to pursue their passion in robotics. He feels blessed when he is asked for help by many robot makers and it makes him even more confident. He is determined to help people. He added his project has been able to inspire many youth and teenagers.

Mr. Bikram said he took classed on Robotics, IOT etc. While visiting school and teaching students on these technology topics, he was able to inspire and motivate them. He was happy seeing elder students teaching to the younger ones which is a part of knowledge sharing. He also said if we initiate chain rule for change, we can create a dominoes effect, which is effective. He added, he can teach 20 students. These 20 can teach more 20 and the number can increase. So, in this way he said he can bring ripple effect in the society.

  1. How do you get to know about Glocal Teen Hero?

Bikram Parajuli said he knew about the award through media. He also had connection with some seniors who did apply for GTH in the past. They asked him to apply for his incredible work. First, he hesitated because he wasn’t sure if he can apply for the works. But, after he recalled his work, he thought that would be enough to apply for GTH, because he had already done many works. He feels blessed being one of the top 6 finalist and being recognized for his work.

Lov Panthi had no idea about GTH before. But he got to know about this award through a brother named Krishna. So, he thanked him and said he is responsible to lead him towards this amazing opportunity.

Supriya said her mentor and a senior was last year’s GTH Finalist. She added her mentor asked her to apply because it was already 2 years of her working and she had done many works. Like Bikram, she was also confused either to apply or not. But she later made up her mind for her work’s recognition and now she is already one finalist out of six. So, she said GTH is an amazing platform where she gets recognition, appreciation and motivation and that means a lot to her and makes her more enthusiastic upon her work.

Samir Phuyal got to know about GTH through Facebook page. He first researched in detail about the platform and thought he was eligible to apply.  He then applied and was really excited.

Rachin also got to know about the platform through past Glocal 20 under 20 participants. He knew it beforehand but he wasn’t prepared to apply because he was still working. But he thought he has done something now and needs to apply .He applied and she also shared he is really happy to discover this amazing opportunity.

  1. “Age is Just a Number, My work can prove it?” is a slogan of GTH 2019. How can you relate this to yourself? What do you think about this?

Bikram shared that when he went to different school to teach the students about robotics, IOT etc., they would question him about his capability. They would question him and ask him his degree. He had no degree in field of technology. So, he convinced them telling he learnt himself since small age and was there to share his knowledge with them. And he could convince them and lead them their way to technology. This way, he advocated that to teach something, one should not be adult. We can inspire and share knowledge if you are capable.

Lov Panthi things the slogan is really great and that motivate him. Nothing can stop with age factor. He added, if you have determination to work, age won’t be a hindrance. It’s just you need strong determination and hard work.

Supriya said this tee age is the time to enjoy, have fun, going out, being with friends and so on. But she made her teenage more beautiful working for others. She said she is quiet emotional and when he saw certain things in the society, it touched her heart and developed courage and determination to work about it. In this way, she got the vision and she believes Age is just a number.

Samir said that his projects got appreciated by seniors and they commented his kind of projects are made by the students in their final graduating year. But he was already doing it. In this way, he believed age is just a number, because he is motivating adults to work like him.

To explain his opinion towards the slogan, Rachin gave a certain example. He said a 67 year old man Colonel Harland Sanders introduced KFC for the first time and is not one of the recognized successful entrepreneur of the world. Likewise, Tanmay Bakshi14 year old is a lecturer and professor at Havard University. These are certain example which proves Age is just a number. He added if a person is determined and passionate about their work, their hard work lead to success.

  1. How excited are you all about the main GTH award night? How are you feeling?

Rachin answered he is really excited and is looking forward to the event. He also said he is here for learning more than wining. And is quiet positive too.

Samir also agreed to the words of Rachin and added whoever will win, they deserve it.

Supriya explained that being finalist moment is itself a win to win situation for her. She said since all the 6 finalist are from different field, she feels like 6 different leaders from six different countries being together in an event to attend. She also said knowing these talents, she is getting to learn different things as per their expertise like programming, software development etc. She also said winning is important, but even if other wins, it’s equally acceptable and she won’t be disheartened because they are already winners. She is also really excited about the event.

Lov agreed to the words of Rachin. He feels blessed getting to know people from different fields, and having connection. In competition, winning and losing is common. But he said all are winners already and is excited about networking build up, Ideas gaining.

Bikram also said he is happy to be a finalist and he is looking forward to the main event on September 1.

  1. According to you, what makes a youth good in future?

Bikram said Youth are the pillars and they are the present already. He said youth must be someone who can work to bring ripple effect and must be aspiring.

Lov believes Youth must have good attitude and sense of gratitude. They should be inspiring and encouraging as well.

Supriya said teen age is quiet a transitional phase and a young people must have determination to work for positive change in the society and the country. Youth must improvise themselves first. She added she has seen many young talents with brilliant ideas but lacks confidence to execute. So a youth must have courage to execute their thoughts and bring their ideas into action for long term development. She also added a youth should be hungry for knowledge.

Samir Phuyal said a youth must have learning nature and good attitude. They should be focused with vision.

Rachin highlighted a problem in youth, which is procrastination. They are not working on time. A youth must understand the value and essence of Time and should do the things they are truly passionate about.

-Saru Pyakurel