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Glocal Pvt. Ltd. collaborates with EtonX to bring Online Courses for Teenagers


Kathmandu, 5th May 2020:

Glocal Pvt. Ltd, in collaboration with EtonX, is bringing online courses designed especially for teenagers to Nepal. The courses have the aim of developing soft skills for teenagers, which are highly valued by universities and employers alike, from an early stage. The courses are for students aged from 14-20.

Glocal Pvt. Ltd, is a company which works as online media (Glocal Khabar), CSR and Brand Consultant. Glocal focuses on the development and empowerment of teenagers through Glocal Teen Hero and Glocal International Teen Conference. As well as teenagers Glocal also works to enhance the abilities of youth and women initiating different trainings, workshops, sessions, etc.

EtonX, a part of Eton College, UK provides online future skills courses to students around the world.

Glocal has signed an agreement with EtonX with the vision of providing the essential soft skills young people need to thrive throughout their life. There are 2 modes of courses in each subject:

  • Tutor (Live) Group Course (including Fast Track Version)
  • Self Study Course

Courses such as Entrepreneurship; Critical Thinking; Writing Skills and Interview Skills are being launched now.

Course Description:

Each course offers students 7 weeks of learning content including 7 live online classes, conducted by an EtonX tutor, and a programme of self-access materials. Fast Track versions offer the same learning content and number of online sessions but are delivered over 2 weeks. Each student will be given an account on the EtonX learning platform to allow them to login for the live sessions and complete the self-study portions in their own time.

EtonX may undertake to assess students’ language level before accepting students for the course and may choose to deny admission to students who are not yet at B2/upper intermediate level.

Students meeting the criteria for their respective course will be awarded an EtonX certificate, signed by the Headmaster of Eton College, on completion of their course.

Course 7 week course Starting Date
Entrepreneurship 14th May 2020
Critical Thinking 16th May 2020
Writing Skills 18th May 2020
Interview Skills 18th May 2020

Fast Track 2 week courses begin every Monday during the month of May. Interested students can sign up for the courses from: www.glocalafterschool.com