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Go down on heels-less heels


25 August, 2015: Nowadays international fashionistas like Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna has taken heels to a new level on the red carpet, wearing towering footwear that appeared to ‘hover’ in the air. These novel appearance have made many designer brands to start offer heel-less shoes in their collections.

heels-less heels

These footwear have an enormous platform and no heel, and almost look like hooves. The shape of the platform can vary from design to design. The angle of the shoe from the toes back to the heel can be flat or higher. Heel-less heels usually are heavier on the platforms, which makes it easier to place the foot on the ground. Some even have a tapered platform at the front, which makes it easier to sway the foot forward whenever you take a step.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Like stilettos, walking in heel-less heels takes some practice and getting used to. Try walking in them at home first.
  • Do not rush or brisk walk in them; tread slowly and only wear them to events or places where you don’t need to walk great distances.
  • These shoes require you to shift your body weight to the front of the foot — i.e. on the ball of the foot. It’s almost like walking on your toes.
  • Take shorter steps. Avoid longer strides as there is a greater chance of losing balance and tripping.
  • Keep your posture upright, stomach in, shoulders up and relaxed. You need greater engagement of the belly and hips.

The HEELS’ History 

This footwear is actually inspired from cantilever shoes, which were first introduced in the 1920s. While these shoes had heels, their design transferred much of the wearer’s weight to the front of the foot, which helped in reducing the stress on the ankles and heels. A decade later, French shoe designer Andre Perugia introduced the first heel-less heel. Though the variation didn’t achieve widespread success, he brought the trend in the limelight.


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