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Goof ups in Kill Dil

Goof ups in Kill Dil

18 November,2014:Having constantly being exposed to great cinema internationally, our own Indian audiences, too are evolving, pushing filmmakers to make better and better Hindi films.

This year, Queen and Haider are two such examples of films where the directors have pushed the quality of our cinema, be it in terms of the quality of story, performances and many other aspects of the film. Starting this week, we will highlight simple goof-ups made by directors that we believe should not have been there. We start with Goof-Ups in Kill Dil.


*Dev’s (played by Ranveer Singh) accent is erratic, be it his English or his Hindi, and keeps jumping from being very good to very bad and is not consistent based on his character.

Lack of detailing:

*During singing of the 4-minute Happy Budday song, the scene moves from night to early morning on a horse. How did that happen? *Tutu (played by Ali Zafar) calls Dev to come and save him in 15 minutes and Dev just reaches. How does he know where to go? *Tutu tells Disha (played by Parineeti Chopra) in the end, ‘Come to the hospital’ and she reaches. How does she know which hospital to come to?

Factual error:

*They have shown shooting of Qutub Minar top floor. That is not possible as the access to the Qutub Minar for the general public has been shut for many years now.

And if we have goofed up spotting the goof-ups, do write back to us.

Source:The Times of India


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