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Got Your Annoying Chats On Mute? WhatsApp’s New Update Will Send You Notifications Irrespective


Bye, life. It will never be the same again.

The latest version of WhatsApp is making users super annoyed as its latest update aims at making muted group conversations redundant.

All those who had the irksome family or work chats on mute, your life has just been brought to a halt.

The messenger app will now allow users of a group chat to ‘tag’ other members who have put the same conversation on mute. The name tags with a prefix ‘@’ will now send notifications to the users who just wanted to be left alone.

The update has also upped the number of group members from 100 to 256.

These features will work on Android and iOS but not on the web application.

Coming back to notifications, WhatsApp’s logic behind introducing the tag feature is to help people find relevant messages meant for them and save time scrolling through an entire chat that doesn’t concern them.


But barring some cases, this logic won’t pan out every time – especially for the work groups where one has to be in the know-how of the context. The only way to dodge this new feature is to either leave the group chats or disable notifications entirely from the messenger. Annoying, right?

And we are not the only ones who’re decrying this (possibly useless) update.

So long, life.

By Anjali Bisaria