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Government advised to fix ministry number at 18 and retiring age of employees at 60



Kathmandu, April 3: The administrative reform recommendation committee has presented its report before the Prime Minister on Thursday and advised the government not to exceed the ministry number from 18 and give retirement to the employees at 60.
The committee further recommended that maximum 12 ministries could be managed in the centre in the federal system. Similarly, the number of ministries needs to be reduced from existing 26 and the work load in the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister shared in order to end the imbalanced work division, duplicity and unconformity.
“The OPMCM should be focused only on monitoring, supervision, inspection and coordination of the ministries,” the committee suggested.
The report with 23 chapters has further suggested the government to encompass the basic contents relating to the public administration so that it would be made people oriented, result-oriented and out of the political clout, said Kashiraj Dahal, Chairman of the committee.
According to the report, the importance of the regional office should be reviewed and unnecessary mechanisms scrapped. Similarly, review of the corruption control acts and laws, fixing of the local body election, priority to seniority for promotion, provision of a single union, and deterrence to the trend of expending at the end of the fiscal year are other recommendations of the committee.
Receiving the report, PM Koirala said once the recommendations were implemented, the administrative malpractice and irregularities would fizzle out. RSS


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