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Government Bodies Hassle Service Seekers

Government Bodies Hassle Service Seekers
IGovernment Bodies Hassle Service Seekers

Lalitpur, Jan 5,2015: The Human Rights Network, Lalitpur, has complained that the service seekers have not been delivered government service easily and conveniently.

At an interaction organized by the Network on Sunday, the people seeking service from the offices related to health, transport and food, among others had to run from pillar to posts.

Chief District Officer Yadav Prasad Koirala, however, said none could be deprived of their rights.

According to him, most of the complaints could be heard at local level. So, waiting something from government for minor work was not good, he added.

Human rights activist Badri Shivakoti said the government was indifferent to the development activities in the local level. The service seekers were facing hassles in many public offices, he added.

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